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Case Studies

Fibre Channel Target mode

A storage startup company needed fibre channel target implementation to proxy tape devices in Storage Area Network (SAN). This needed to be implemented quickly and within established budget.

C, SCSI protocols, SAN, fibre channel technology, FCP, SCSI HBA, Qlogic firmware interface, Linux kernel internals and debugging skills.

While initiator mode drivers are abundant for Fibre Channel HBAs, the target mode drivers are rare to non-existent. SCSI commands for tape devices are more complex than direct access disk devices.

PAVITRASOFT has good understanding of SCSI protocol and CAM specification for target mode implementation. Our developers quickly assembled the relevant information for implementing fibre channel target mode driver for Qlogic SANblade series HBAs. Within one month time proxying of the INQUIRY command was established and quickly all other complex tape commands followed.

PAVITRASOFT gained complete knowledge on fibre channel target mode driver implementation and Qlogic firmware interface specification. Also our developers mastered SCSI tape coammands which later turned to be useful for our Virtual tape library project.